Week 9: Circus Chaos

Circus Chaos
By: Brooke
Ring, ring, ring! “Carnival time,” I said jumping out of my bed, throwing on some clothes. I could already imagine the thrilling roller coasters and best of all, the circus. It only came once a year and everyone goes. The only problem is, by the time my buddies and I, Will, Jake and Steven finally get our tickets. They’re the back row seats and our view is blocked. This year, it would be different because I have a foolproof plan that will blow their minds.
I scarfed down my breakfast and rushed my mom to drive me there a little before the circus started.
When I arrived Steven and Jake were already there, but of course Will was late as always.. He has severed 32 detentions in the 8 years at the school. That’s 960 minutes of his life!
He finally arrived 5 minutes later and I was able to reveal my plan. “ Okay guys, I have a plan to get us up close and personal with the circus,” I discussed.
“How?” they screamed.
“ Well, I say we disguise ourselves, sneak in the back end and get V.I.P seats,” I blurted out.
“That’s brilliant!” Jake said.
“It’s foolproof!” Will added.
“Let’s get to work,” I replied.
We made our way over to the costume rack. Although, to our astonishment the only costumes felt were the female costumes. “Seriously!” Steven screamed. Everyone scowled at me. “Well, this way no one will notice us, come on.” I encouraged. A devilish grin whipped across their faces, as they handed me the hot pink tu-tu. “Sweat, I wanted that one anyway,” snatching the costume out their his hand. It was by far the brightest hot pink I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it was the only way they would follow through with the plan.
We changed right behind the tent. Then, we made our way into the back of the tent.
The circus was amazing! There were a bunch of different costumes. My favourite were the penguins dressed up in tiny top hats and bow ties.
The show was just about to begin, and then it happened! The director informed the trapeze artists (us), that we were performing the opening act, quickly, as he pushed us out the curtain door! He hollered, “Hope you have your balance!”
We all stood paralyzed looking at the tall ladder leading up to two platforms. I guess our costumes were really convincing!
We climbed up the ladder, shaking. Will,Jake and Steven attempted the trapeze before me. The laughter was so loud you could no doubt, hear it from across town.

Then I was up; I thought I was going to pee my tu-tu and tights. At that time something worse happened. In mid drop, Ralph made a visit. My breakfast dropped directly over the performers below. It was sooo embarassing. All the jaws in the crowd dropped to the floor and our school didn’t stop talking about it for two months. Lets say from now on that I will wait in line like everyone else.

5 thoughts on “Week 9: Circus Chaos

  1. G’day Brooke,
    I laughed all the way through your narrative and then to read it via the comic strip was great as well. Congratulations on taking part in the student challenge and being added to the flipboard magazine often. This post will certainly be in there as well.

  2. Wonderfully entertaining story. I couldn’t wait to see what mischief you were getting up to and then having to perform, hilarious. I want to read ch. 2, your next misadventure. I’ve never seen the bitstrips. I’m going to look into it – I’m sure my students will love it.
    Looking forward to your next post,
    Ms. Wolpowitz

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