Me as a Filles De Roi

Hello, Brooke here, and I wanted to share with you my audio video of me playing a role as a filles de roi. Filles de roi or King`s duaghters were often orphans sent to New France to colonies in the 1600s. The audio is me as a filles de roi sending a letter back to my family in France. The picture below is of paintings of filles de roi arriving in New France. This painting would be shown to girls in France to encourage them to sail over. The point of the audio is to give my family the real idea or painting of what it is like.

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Shrek The Musical Critique By Brooke

Shrek The Musical Critique



“ Donkey, shh, shh. It’s me… in this body,” said Fiona. “Oh my God, you ate the princess!” screamed Donkey. This was one of the many funny scenes from Shrek The Musical. I was as surprised as Donkey after watching this musical, it was incredible, especially for a high school performance! Shrek The Musical was directed by Mr. Jim and was seen on April 10, 2014 at our local high school. It was performed by students from Grade 9 – 13 and one talented grade two. The musical is about an ogre named Shrek who is alone and accepts a quest to find a princess. Although after his quest, he makes a new friend and him and the princess fall in love. Shrek is no longer lonely with his two new friends too be by his side. Shrek The Musical is truly amazing after seeing their props and costumes, enthusiastic acting, sound and lighting.


The props of the musical were outstanding they looked exactly like in the movie, especially the gingerbread man. The gingerbread man was identical to the movie and he had a moving mouth. At the end of the play I still couldn’t figure out how they moved the mouth. They were able to apply different emotions to his face as well, such as sad or happy. It brought and depth to the musical. Another great prop was the dragon; she was life size and built in with so many special effects. For example, they changed the colour of her eyes in just one blink of  them, and the actors controlling the dragon did a mighty fine job of moving the mouth in sync to the words she was saying. Although, there are always down to everything, the down of the dragon was, that the arm fell off mid scene, but the actors kept going on and one of then picked it up and hid it from the crowd. If you didn’t the arm fall off in the moment, you would not have even have know what had happened. They were very skillful about it and kept moving on with the scene.


The costumes throughout the musical were definitely fitting to the roles. It was easy to tell by their costume who was supposed the be a certain character. For example, the candle in Beauty and the Beast was unbelievably realistic. He had an exquisite coat, candle hands and a candle hat that blended right in with the rest of his head. Also, it was a great idea to reuse costumes from past production of fairy tales. Another amazing representation of great costumes was Lord Farquaad. In the movies he is very short, although no one in that high school  was that short, but that didn’t stop them. They came up with an idea to fool the audience and give the illusion that Lord Farquaad in the musical  was short. The actor of Lord Farquaad, Ferlenn who attends the high school, did an amazing job playing the Farquaad, he had the voice, the clothes and with one great idea, the height. The costumes were just overall creative and precise.


The acting in the musical was marvelous too. Each actor truly played the part of their character. For example, Princess Fiona, or Bailey & Lauren, were very fitting for the role and added some attitude to the  princess as well. Another superb example was Shrek, or Chris. Throughout the musical, Shrek had some pretty weird dance moves and actions, but Chris did a great job with not laughing or getting cold feet before the musical. He was mature about his character and in my opinion was a wonderful Shrek. He made the play even better and without him playing that role, it would be a totally different play. Donkey, or Anna as also a great actor. Even though she was a girl, and Donkey in the movie was a male, that didn’t stop her. Anna had the voice, the act and overall must of had the best audition for Donkey. I think what Anna did as Donkey no guy could have done. It additionally showed that women can do the same things as men, and it breaks some stereotypical lines between what guys could do and girls could do.


The sound and lighting crew controlled a big part in the production and presentation of the musical. The lighting featured the wright actors at the right time. They were never off cue and you could tell they worked very hard to bring this musical together. The crew was also very smart to use a green light when highlighting Fiona as an ogre. I thought it was an excellent addition to the musical. Also, the colourful lights during the musical numbers was very complex. They had to flash all different coloured lights in certain places the amp up the song, but it didn’t look messy in anyway. The students involved in the lighting crew were professional and talented. The only thing I didn’t like, and it’s just me, is when they shine the light at the audience. It blinds me from seeing the scene and it hurts my eyes, but other than that, they were awesome. The sound in the musical was all produced by the students. The actors and orchestra did an amazing job. The orchestra had many different instruments to bring the songs to life. Some of the instruments were, the french horn, trumpet, flute and many percussion instruments as well. The instruments played a big part of the spectacular performance and without it, it wouldn’t have been as good. The part that I especially loved in the musical was the trumpets welcoming Lord Farquaad in one of the scenes; it really made it me feel like I was in the medieval times. The sound and lighting made the musical better and unbelieveable that it was performed by high school students.

Overall, Shrek the Musical was great success and the students did a great job with the props and costumes, acting, sound and lighting. I think everyone should see the amazing production. It is worth your time and you would not regret it. I would like to thank everyone involved in the production because I loved it very much and I can’t wait to see their next production. Out of five stars I would rate it a five because even though there were some flaws they handled them excellently and with no doubt professionally.

Natural Phenomenon

One interaction with a thunder when recently. Over the summer on our way home from our tailor, this giant thunder storm struct. For a while we hid against a church avoiding the rain and wind. The storm had been so strong it broke a tree at least 20 years old. With that breaking hydro poles and many other objects as well.

Another big natural phenomenon is the ice storm coming down to Southern Ontario. This affects me because it is dangerous, it will probably close our schools. Which will be awesome, but sad. Mainly because it is a day

snow storm 7

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Events of 2013

Over the year 2013 there were many major events and still more to come. I think the most major event in the video was the death of Nelson Mandela. I think that was the most important event because Nelson is on a mission to create a big change in the world from the old days where coloured people were treated with tons of disrespect and weren’t accepted for their colour of skin or beliefs. Some people are worried that with out him their situations may lead countries to change back to the apartheid. Although if other politics and citizens continue to stand up against it, the apartheid will be gone forever. Also, Africa is without a prime minister to lead. Hopefully, someone will stead up and volunteer (run for prime minister) and they will follow and complete the work of Nelson Mandela and continue to make the world a better place.


I have been searching for great a blog to nominate. Although all blogs are great; the one blog below is amazing. They have completed all their challenges and done extra posts about interesting topics. All of her posts are well written and include great understanding. Her blog is I hope she wins because she has worked hard and hopefully it will pay off.

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Week 9: Circus Chaos

Circus Chaos
By: Brooke
Ring, ring, ring! “Carnival time,” I said jumping out of my bed, throwing on some clothes. I could already imagine the thrilling roller coasters and best of all, the circus. It only came once a year and everyone goes. The only problem is, by the time my buddies and I, Will, Jake and Steven finally get our tickets. They’re the back row seats and our view is blocked. This year, it would be different because I have a foolproof plan that will blow their minds.
I scarfed down my breakfast and rushed my mom to drive me there a little before the circus started.
When I arrived Steven and Jake were already there, but of course Will was late as always.. He has severed 32 detentions in the 8 years at the school. That’s 960 minutes of his life!
He finally arrived 5 minutes later and I was able to reveal my plan. “ Okay guys, I have a plan to get us up close and personal with the circus,” I discussed.
“How?” they screamed.
“ Well, I say we disguise ourselves, sneak in the back end and get V.I.P seats,” I blurted out.
“That’s brilliant!” Jake said.
“It’s foolproof!” Will added.
“Let’s get to work,” I replied.
We made our way over to the costume rack. Although, to our astonishment the only costumes felt were the female costumes. “Seriously!” Steven screamed. Everyone scowled at me. “Well, this way no one will notice us, come on.” I encouraged. A devilish grin whipped across their faces, as they handed me the hot pink tu-tu. “Sweat, I wanted that one anyway,” snatching the costume out their his hand. It was by far the brightest hot pink I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it was the only way they would follow through with the plan.
We changed right behind the tent. Then, we made our way into the back of the tent.
The circus was amazing! There were a bunch of different costumes. My favourite were the penguins dressed up in tiny top hats and bow ties.
The show was just about to begin, and then it happened! The director informed the trapeze artists (us), that we were performing the opening act, quickly, as he pushed us out the curtain door! He hollered, “Hope you have your balance!”
We all stood paralyzed looking at the tall ladder leading up to two platforms. I guess our costumes were really convincing!
We climbed up the ladder, shaking. Will,Jake and Steven attempted the trapeze before me. The laughter was so loud you could no doubt, hear it from across town.

Then I was up; I thought I was going to pee my tu-tu and tights. At that time something worse happened. In mid drop, Ralph made a visit. My breakfast dropped directly over the performers below. It was sooo embarassing. All the jaws in the crowd dropped to the floor and our school didn’t stop talking about it for two months. Lets say from now on that I will wait in line like everyone else.

Blog Questions

1. What makes a great blog post?

I think there are 2. Number one is, error free text. It is important to have no errors because it is very unprofessional.  Number two, eye catching pictures or visuals. This helps other bloggers to see your post and read about it. No one would want to read a post with a picture of a plain rock compared to a cute puppy.

2.When you are visiting blogs what makes you stop and read a post?

Mainly for me it is either the picture or the title. If, either of them applies to my likes and interest I will read it.

3.How do you find great posts on a blog?

I look for 3 things. Number one is catchy title, eye catching picture and the length. A catchy title and picture lure me into the post and then I determine if I would like to read it or not by the length. Not to long but more than 2 sentences is great.

4. What is a great post you have written?

I look for 3 things; popping pictures, applies to me and has a catchy title. Also, I look at the length of a post. One that isn’t to long but more than 2 sentences is a post I like to read.

I think my best post is the post on Food Day.

5. What made it stand out from all the others?

I think it stood out because, quality of the writing ,in my opinion, is great with very little room for improvement. Also, I put a lot of hard work into the post and I am confident about it.

6. On your blog, are you able to write post about your own interest?

Yes I am. I think that because in my opinion my interests are the best in the world and don’t care if people hate them because I love them. They make me who I am today.

7. Do you think this would make your blog more interesting? Why?

Yes, I think it does make my blog more interesting because it reflects the person unique personality. That is why each blog is different, which is very imortant.
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Other Interesting Blogs

I have visited a lot of blogs. Out of all of them I think these 3 are the best. These are not placed in worst to greatest.




I thought 1. was great because a lot of her posts were well written and connected to me. Also, I found it really fun!

I thought 2. was great because the posts weren’t to long, but got their point across. Her blog is lots of fun with her questions to answer and overall it speaks to me.

I thought 3. was great because some of her posts are about reading and I love to read, so I can really relate to that blog. Her pots also had very few mistakes and were well written.

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Candy Toll

Halloween was this Thursday and I would like to know what is your favourite candy/ chocolate. Also, how many full size chocolate bars did you get? Also, do you like candy corn? Most people either love it or hate it. Finally, what was your costume and is there any special candy in your country?Please reply in comments below.

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